Breast Reconstruction

IMAP Vascular TerritoriesAs reconstructive surgeons, this is probably one of the most satisfying areas of our work. Any patient who has lost a breast to cancer, deserves the option of having that breast reconstructed. Different options are available, including reconstruction with a tissue expander followed by silicone prosthesis, reconstruction with a combination of the patient’s own tissue and prosthesis [lattissimus muscle reconstruction] or a fully autologous breast reconstruction [i.e. a breast reconstructed completely out of the patient’s own tissue].

Autologous reconstruction is at present the gold standard of breast reconstruction in the world. No foreign bodies are implanted, the breast feels and looks more natural and with the latest techniques, the donor site of the tissue has minimal morbidity.

The first choice of donor tissue is usually the tummy. We use exactly the same tissue that is normally discarded during a tummy tuck procedure. The donor site thus ends up looking the same as after a cosmetic tummy tuck. Obviously a lot of factors will influence the choice of the reconstruction method to be used.

During the first consultation all these will be discussed and a plan will be formulated to fit the individual.

Autologous reconstruction Implants